Sayed Qutb's contributions to Islamic Literature

  • Dr Muhammad Ismail Arabic Department, NUML, Islamabad
  • Dr Abu Bakar Bhutta Arabic Department, NUML, Islamabad


Praise Him and pray to His Noble Messenger, but after: Islamic literature is the thought of the spirit and essence of Islam, the spirit and content of Islamic civilization, and the spirit of the heritage, history and culture of Islam. Sayyad Qutb, may God have mercy on him, was not only an interpreter, but a great writer and a leading thinker. He is the renewed Mujahid at the same time. He understands his scientific writings and his scientific strength, which Allah grants him. Some rulers and men of some Islamic currents accused him of extremism and violence. These are false blames, but the fact is that he was away from these accusations.

Research goals

  • To know the importance of literature in the Arabic language in general and especially for non-speakers.
  • Evacuating Sayed Qutb's exploitations and highlighting the literary aspect of his scientific heritage.
  • To Give respect and right to every person.

This study includes an introduction, three studies and a conclusion

The search plan is given below:

The first topic: The concept of Islamic literature

The second topic: The characteristics of Sayed Qutb

The third topic: The most important works of Sayed Qutb's Islamic Literary

Author Biographies

Dr Muhammad Ismail, Arabic Department, NUML, Islamabad

Assistant Professor, Arabic Department

NUML, Islamabad 

Dr Abu Bakar Bhutta, Arabic Department, NUML, Islamabad


Assistant Professor and Coordinatior in Arabic Department 

NUML, Islamabad 


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