• Dr. Muhammad Junaid Nadvi



The need for a specific and logical description of Islamic social sciences and the strategy for the Islamization of contemporary social sciences were never as vital and crucial as it is today. This is a period of religious, social, economic, and political tragedy and uprising of restlessness and suffering of nervousness and dissatisfaction. The great era, which was inaugurated with the dawn of the Renaissance, seems to be approaching its end. The new civilization that developed and enhanced the human life in countless ways, has failed to bring about that spiritual and moral awakening in man, that would have enabled him to use all the resources of material strength that were placed in his hands for the betterment of humankind, in the continuation of the Divine Purpose. The icons of matterworship, race-worship, and land worship, which were bulldozed by the historic movement initiated by Prophet Muhammad have now been resurrected on high foot. Man is once again the master of his own kind and is hardly conscious of his bondage. All the enthusiasts of humanity are uncomfortable over this situation. They are convinced that this is the time to warn the humanity against the approaching catastrophe, and to show him the pathway, which leads to peace, salvation, and greatness.

This article is an endeavour to expose this important topic out of the bookshelves. The article, though not inclusive or conclusive, is written to provide the groundwork for establishing a new global strategy by the Muslim scholars and policy makers, to deal with the present-day realities, keeping in view the future panorama of the contemporary social sciences, within the context of crystallizing and the chaos of Islam, because the future of the Muslim-Ummah, in this World and the Hereafter, entirely depends on practicing the Islamic Social Sciences.

This article encompasses:

  • Introduction to Islamic Social Sciences
  • Definitions of Science.
  • Definitions of Natural Sciences.
  • Definitions of Social Sciences.
  • Origin & Evolution of Contemporary Social Sciences.
  • Critical Analysis of Contemporary Social Sciences.
  • Secular Philosophy of Natural & Social Sciences.
  • Islamic Philosophy of Natural & Social Sciences.
  • Need of Islamization of contemporary Social Sciences.
  • Strategy of Islamization of Contemporary Social Sciences
  • Conclusion




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