Islam and fine Arts (in the view of research)

اسلام اور فنون لطیفہ: تحقیقی جائزہ


  • Dr. Muhammad Saeed



The poetry,Singing and Hearing are not only important but also the basic parts of Fine Arts.Under the light of Quranic Verses, interpretation of Holy Quran, Hadiths of Holy Prophet and according to the Practices of Honourable Sahaba(R.A) by the Quotation of Muhaddiseen, theories of Fuqaha Researches if Aaimae Arab', Thoughts analysis and Fortifings of pious people,we find both opinion about singing and hearing to be their propriety and non-propriety.So hearing and singing are themselves not absolutely legal or absolutely taboo.singing and the use of its instruments is allowed in facts the music is disliked by the shariah but to be confined in the circle of shariah devotional singing like Hamd, Naat and Heart rectifying songs have been allowed by often ulamahand sofiya.




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