“Tafsir-e-Mahaimi” Research and Analytical Studies

Keywords: Tafsir-e-Mahaimi, Makhdoom Ali, Characteristics, Distinctions


Makhdoom Ali Mahaimi (835 AH) was a great mufassir, jurist, sufi and philosopher. He had a great insight on Islamic theology. He was influenced by Muslim scholars Sheikh Sadru-din- koni, Ibn-e-arabi and Imam Ghazali. He belonged to Indian sub-continent and spent all his life there. He influenced his contemporary Muslim scholar by his extra ordinary command on Quran and knowledge relates to it. He elaborates the excellent points from Quran that did not stop surprising the scholars even of our age. He is famous for his exegesis named TAFSIR MUHAIME. Methodology adopted by him in Tafseer is that one should opt the apparent meaning of Quranic words. Mufassir should give priority to narration of Prophet Muhammad to explain verses of Quran. Beside this Mufassir must use linguistic tool and analytical approach to understand the spirit of Quran so may Quranic message be explored well. Tafseer Mahaimi has been considered Tafseer bilray mahmood. According to Makhdoom Ali Muhaimi Quranic message can be understood by its whole rhythm as it is all interlinked. So without going deep into linguistically and grammatically debate Makhdoom Ali Mahaimi focuses on message of Quran simply. Matters which need detail are explained briefly very well. Some other characteristics and distinctions of this exegesis will be discussed in this article.

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