A historical analysis of letters of Imam Rabbani

مکتوبات امام ربانیؒ کاتاریخی وتحقیقی جائزہ

  • Dr Adnan Malik Government ollege university Hyderabad
Keywords: Mujadid Alf Thani, Letters of Imam Rabbane, their impacts, historical analysis


Hazrat Muajid Alaf Sani was a revolutionary personality of the eleventh century, whose movement left indelible mark on the following centuries by successfully altering the course of history. The time when he started propagating the true message of Islam, the propagation of 'Deen-e-ilahi' was in full swing. The diabolical aim behind the propagation of this pseudo-religion was to amalgamate all the dominant religions of the time particularly Islam and Hinduism in such a way that both of them lose their individuality and distinctness. As a result, all the nations may gather under the banner of the so called religion. To this end, many a principle of Islam were abrogated and the customs, values, and principles of the Muslims living in the subcontinent were changed altogether. However, it was Mujadid Alaf Sain who girded up his loin and dealt with all these challenges through a comprehensive strategy and came out with flying colors in the face of all the stumbling blocks in his way. He wrote a many letters to make the society according to the teaching of Islam. These letters played a vital role in this regard. This paper deals critical and historical analysis of Mujadid Alf Thani, letters.        

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