Bibliographical sources on Islam in Urdu Language in Pakistan:

an over view of sixty three years of publishing

  • Dr. Rafat Parveen Siddiqui University of Karachi
  • Dr. Farhat Hussain University of Karachi
  • Dr. Fouzia Naz


With the striking boost in publishing it is very difficult for someone  to know about all the literature published in all fields or even his own field. A bibliography is a most useful tool to identify the recorded information. It is a systematic list of recorded human knowledge. This article is an attempt to explore the “Bibliographical sources” in the field of Islam published in Pakistan in Urdu language. It covers 63 years of publishing history in Pakistan. Every possible effort has been made to find out all the bibliographies related to the different topics/ fields of Islam published in Pakistan in the national language from 1947 to 2010.It is observed that only 31 ( thirty one ) bibliographies are published to identify the literature on Islam which is the most favorite subject of Pakistani nation.  

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