Discourse of Islamic TV Channels in Pakistan

  • Dr. Fouzia Naz University of Karachi
  • Dr. Sadia Mahmood
Keywords: Islamic channels, representation of Islam on TV, Islamic education, Islamic teachings


The advancement of modern media of communication has not only changed the national boundaries of receiving the content but also the internet, especially social media has broadened upthe way of thinking of people in Pakistan. The global cultural transmission has created the trans-national media that exchange ideas of other countries and implement in their lives. Now, it will be unfair to limit or restrict the international information flow, which is the major source of cultural transmission. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was founded based on religion so; it is the duty of every Muslim to represent Islamic culture on the television media. Television channels will be the medium of discussion in this research. In this research, the impression of Islamicto channels will be evaluated on the people of Pakistan. The qualitative research approach will be used to deduce the information by semi-structured interview questions with 10 respondents from Karachi, Pakistan who are the active users of Islamic channels and television.

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