Socio-Economic Status and Cause of Depression among Senior Citizen: An Islamic Perspective

  • SAKINA RIAZ University of Karachi
Keywords: Keywords: Senior Citizen, Socio- Economic Status, Depression, Islamic perspective, Karachi.


The purpose of this research was in twofold: first to assess the socio-economic status and to examine the cause of depression among the senior citizens. Therefore, in the light of Islamic teaching, this article examined the causes of depression among senior citizens living in Karachi. A community level, descriptive study was carried out from January 2018 to April 2018 in the different urban populous areas. Hence, a sample of 160 older people was participated in this study after obtaining their informed consent. The data was collected through purposive sampling method from the household survey in six urban communities. The research data was collected through face to face interview schedule guide. However, the on-site observations were also taken by the researcher. The research revealed that due to the weak family system and urbanization, the quality of life and mental health of the elderly has been tremendously affected. In this regards, modernization, weak saving for the elder period of life, the rising cost of medical treatments and medicines, less mobilization due to weak or compromised health status and limited social interaction are reported by the respondent. It was also viewed that ignorance to religious guidelines was played a significant role in the look after of elderly. The results were also have proven that those respondents who actively followed the Islamic pattern in their lifestyle have very minimal chances to get invoked in depression.


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