The Quranic Research Methodology

(The Research Methods,Principles and manners in the light of Quran)


  • Muhammad Ismail Aarifi Research Scholar



Key words: Research Methods, The Holy Quran, Manners of research


Seeking knowledge and quest for the truth are the key characteristics of human nature and are essential to a civilized society.Allah Almighty has, of His entire creatures, put in man the most potential to acquire knowledge and grant them well-defined and permanent means of knowledge.The reason for the human excellence is knowledge and man has been appointed as Allah’s own Caliph on the earth on the very basis. Allah the Exalted, too, through Holy Quran informed the man of code of conduct and principle of research.Even though, today a distinct art in the name of “Research Methodology” with extensive terminologies has emerged in the scientific world, yet its basic principles are similar to those the Holy Quran has, in a beautiful manner, made reference to. In this article, we will give a brief analysis of the ten fundamental principles of research in the light of aforesaid indications in reference to Quranic teachings.




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