Human Resource Management and Healthcare Sector of Pakistan

  • Akmal Waheed Khan
  • Khalid Mahmood Iraqi


In recent times, human resource management has gained more attention in the healthcare systems. The relationship between human resources and health care system is quite complex and demand a balance between the human and physical resources. Pakistan’s healthcare is going through a very critical phase. On one hand under the 18th amendment the health sector is fully devolved to the provinces from federal government and on the other hand there is an ever increasing pressure in achieving United Nation’s Millenium Develpoment Goals (DGs). And as per the “National Health Vision of Pakistan 2016 – 2025”. Human Resource in health is the most critical factor regarding health provision in terms of quality and amount, both in perspective of prevention and cure. Not only population ratio of doctors and dentists is critically low in Pakistan, as compared to all other countries but also the ratio of paramedics, nurses and other health workers. Apart from this wrong placement and non-utilization of competent staff and failing to retain them and providing them favorable environment are the elemental issues of human resource management and are truly existing deficiencies in our health care system and are directly concerned with.

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