Moulana Muhammad Yousuf Ludhyanvi Shaheed ka Adbi Asloob-e-Nigarish

  • Imran Hussain Dr. Ismail


Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhyaniwiwas a renowned religious scholar. He served in different walks of life and devoted his entire life for the propagation of Islam. Not only he continued his struggle for the advancement of religious disciplines but encouraged others to remain loyal and persistent with their religion. In particular, his services to his country and the people of Pakistan are significant and numerous. His writing is simple, easy-to-understand, comprehensive, and sophisticated which creates interest and influences his reader strongly. He has produced more than a hundred articles and famous books which are included “Ikhtilaaf-e-UmmataurSiraat-e-Mustaqeem” “AapkayMasailaur un ka Hal”," MarufNabawi”, Seerat Umar bin Abdul Aziz and “ DuniyakiHaqeeqat "etc. He also worked for the dissemination of the ideology of the finality of the Holy Prophet ﷺ and the improvement of the constitution of Pakistan. Undoubtedly,he is counted among the great scholars of his times and his services will always be remembered in history.


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