Bad Effects of Drugs on the Society

Manshiat k Moashray pr buray Asarat

  • Maqsood Rehman Gujjar University of karachi



In today's era, drug is the first and one of the bad elements that effected the society with  loss. According to the reports of WHO, two billions people are alcoholic in irrecoverable  the world. Drug users are additional to this volume of alcoholic people. The dignity of humanity is planed and maintained by prohibiting all types of drugs. Social values are things by shareeha. Thousands of getting worse and worse by ignoring the prohibited  the families are nearby the destruction, divorce ratio is badly increasing. Builders of  the According to different ahadees, use of  future of  Ummat are putting their lives to big risk day of  drugs and alcohol are the symptoms of getting near to the end of world  judgment. We can see easy access to these poisonous things around us, destructing the health and characters of our youth in the shape of liquid, capsool, tables and many more.

We tried to shortly brief about the use of all these prohibited things in the article bellow.

Key Words: Makhzora, Fator, Qabahat, Asarat, Mokalif, Asqat e Hamil, Ganga, Nekoteen, Razeel, Manshiyat, Efat, Devanapan, Aqal, Khamar, Mozerrat

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