Feminism and Islam; Contradiction in Terms or a Profound Nexus

  • Kiran Nayyar ul Haq


There are a thousand ways to be imaginative of any entity in this contemporary world. One can lend an opinion from different schools of thought while contemplating on this rather productive topic of how Islam has acted as a beacon of light to women, oppressed and empowered both in the same era. The western narrative has failed to comprehend the fundamental message of Islam up to its full extent which has ultimately resulted in an almost immediate suggestion of modification by the perspective of the west. This article reviews the very limited literature available on the subject so that some conclusion is drawn about the values Islam has given to women. This article also reviews the idea of western/secular feminism and how it differs from the Islamic feminism. In the end, it discusses and concludes that in terms of respect, rights and values there is no other religion than Islam who has given more to women and there is no bigger advocate of the idea of feminism in its pure form than Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

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