Media as an Agent of Change with reference to Women Rights

  • Abida Perveen
  • Uzma Perveen


Media of Communication makes the diffusion of knowledge vital in the modern world and have over lasting influencing an political and economic patterns.
Mass media represent an important variable in various processes of social change, because socialization is the process which brings about changes through socio-cultural  influences around us. Electronic media telecast news and opinions through news reports, interviews and panel discussions. Media are the source of political education and “market place” (1) of political thought and “without an extensive and swift system of mass communication, the economic life of a major industrial country cannot function properly” (2) Media fully saturate the lives of general masses in social setup. Women is an important and sensitive segment of society where they have been considered less capable and portrayed as an interior sex object on the media and victim of violence which take place in houses workplaces or elsewhere and may lead to psychological problems carrying them to the dark shadows of the world.

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