The Concept of Relaxation and Determination in Islam

اسلام میں رخصت اور عزیمت کا تصور قرآن و سنت کی روشنی میں"

  • Muhammad Qasim Siddiqui UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI
  • Muhammad Ismail Arifi
Keywords: (Key words) Rukhsa ،رخصت Azeemah،عزیمت Islam ،دین اسلام Hurdles حرج


Human are instinctively weak and often they seek relaxation in difficult situations. Islam is the religion that claims to be in accordance with the human natural. Simultaneously Islam provides relaxation to its followers in necessary circumstances. Injunctions of Islam are both firm and human friendly. The concept of relaxation is called as rukhsa in Islamic Law. In this article, the ides of rukhsa, its philosophy, significance and scope have been discussed in detail. In addition, the origin of rukhsa has been elucidated from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Parallel to the concept of rukhsa is the notion of azeema (determination) in Islam. An exhaustive comparison between rukhsa and azeema has also been illustrated along with circumstances in which a believer is allowed to prefer determination over relaxation or vice versa.

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