Mr. Tipu Sultan: A symbol of Bravery in the Sub-continent

  • Bhatti Inayat Ullah Education Institution


Fourth Anglo-Mysore War 1799 was the negative episode in the history of sub-continent, where the Haider Ali’s eldest son Tipu Sultan was martyred by the Britain’s. The defeat of the Sultan of Mysore was the turning point for the expansion of colonial rule of British in India. Tipu Sultan was prominent personality not in India but also spread his bravery in all over world due to his courage, audacity and military tactics. Tipu was the owner of numerous qualities such as administration, socio-economic, military invention, autocrat etc which he uses against the foreign invaders, East India Company. Due to his extra qualities, he discussed as the first freedom fighter of sub-continent. Till to the last breathe, Tipu Sultan fight against East India company who tried to capture the territories of Kingdom Mysore. Due to his extraordinary qualities of war and success in different wars, he was barrier for the British colony. This paper covered the early life of Tipu Sultan, innovations, bravery, courage, integrity and freedom led to emerge as the Indian brave warrior. Unfortunately, Tipu Sultan was failed to catch up from his failures.

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