Research Overview of moderation and temperance in Islam

اسلام میں اعتدال اور میانہ روی كا تحقیقی جائزہ

  • Muhammad Iltimas Khan
  • Hussain Ahmed


Islam presents balance and moderate life. Allah almighty defines. The Muslims as Moderate Umah. Islam teaches us moderation and balanced view of life, and focuses on avoidance of extremism in every mode of life. Even from worship to practical life related to words and actions. Islam recommends the midway in every aspect of life. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says, there is enthusiasm and fervor and there is downfall and decline for every enthusiasm. Now if a man keeps himself on right Track and adopts balanced way of life and stands on mid-way, then keep hope for him the best. In against if someone adopts the way of extremism, the people will talk against him, and then we should not consider it. Allah Almighty says that during prayers it should neither be in loud voice nor in low, but it should be prayed with moderate voice. The Holy Quran repeatedly emphasizes on adopting balanced way in every walk of life.

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