Honor killings in Islamic culture prevention A critical evaluation in the Light of Islamic jurisprudence

اسلامی معاشرے میں غیرت کے نام پر قتل اور اس کا تدارک وسدباب، فقہ اسلامی کی روشنی میں تحقیقی و تنقیدی جائزہ

  • Muhammad Wiqar
  • Uzma Perveen


The study at hand “honor killings” presents a research on the issue in the light of Islamic jurisprudence and sharia wherein it has been proved that issue is not confined to the Islamic society and culture rather the evidences of honor killings have been traced in other Eastern and western cultures as well. The study, in light of Quran, Sunnah. Islamic jurisprudence, sharia, especially the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence proves that there is no concept of honor killings in Islam. No one is allowed to consider himself above the law and take the state affairs into his hands leading to anarchy. Like in case of other murder cases qassas is sentenced, similarly qassas shall be sentenced in the cases of honor killings. Besides baseless the allegations and charges raised by the west and other critics of islam have also been highlighted and addressed that in Islam there is no place of the negative propaganda that Islam encourages honor killings or allows any extreme measures in this regard. Rather Islam discourages and prevents honor killings.

The study concludes that honor killings is self-made based on ignorance, immortality and cruel practices which is not supported by sharia in any ways. Let alone killing one on account of doubt, Islam does not even allow to kill one on account of adultery until the case is referred to the court of law. Rather it shall lead to anarchy and chaos in the world. Such an approach shall encourage anyone to take one’s life be it man or woman on the basis of false charges. As far as Islamic teachings are concerned, Islam respects the sanctity of one’s life and allows no one take an innocent life.

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