Features of the Prophet's Biography in Shouqi and Hali's Poetry

ملامح السيرة النبوية في شعر أحمد شوقي وألطاف حسين حالي

  • Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar
  • Ifikhar Ahmed Ahmed
  • Imrana Shahzadi


The Prophet's Biography (السيرة النبوية) and His (صلى الله عليه وسلم) eulogy are the one of the most subtle and well-known genre in poetry as it provides myriad challenges to the poet and reciter due to its sacredness and people's sensitivity over the issue. A staunch lover of Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) can perform this poetic expression in the light of his religious enthusiasm. There is no place and no language on the earth which remain unblessed with the scent of reciting eulogistic poetry (المديح النبوي). In this perspective, geologically Egypt & India, linguistically Arabic & Urdu are blessed unlimited in the art of reciting eulogistic poetry and features of the Prophet's Biography. Altaf Hussain Hali (1837-1914AD) from Panipat in India and Ahmad Shouqi (1870-1932AD) from Cairo in Egypt got a unique position in the art of reciting Prophet's Biography and its eulogistic poetry (المديح النبوي). This paper is based on Hali and Shouqi’s short autobiography that are gigantic figure in this field. This research mainly deals with the assessment of reciting eulogistic poetry (المديح النبوي), it also follows comparative analysis of above-mentioned poets and looks into comparable features of the Prophet's Biography and Eulogistic themes. The impacts of this genre are manifold and it is one way of increasing love for the Holy Prophet and humbleness in the society.

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