The Science of "Muna'sabat" between followers and challengers. A Critical Analytical Study

علم المناسبات بين المؤيدين والمعارضين، دراسة تحليلية نقدية


  • Abdul Rasheed
  • Muhammad Umar Farooq Blooch


Al-munasaba, Siaq-ul-qur'an, Naz-ul-qur'an, Ilm-ul-munasabat


The arrangement of a word and the coherence of its sentences determine its beauty and true spirit; conversely, a word that does not have all its components attached to its original claimant is meaningless and insignificant; likewise, the excellence, attractiveness, and effectiveness of any word are determined by its beautiful arrangement. The Qur'an is the word of God Almighty, the subject and addressee of which is man himself, therefore, in the arrangement and organization of this word, Allah Almighty maintained all the traits of human words and all the genres of human speech. ALLAH Almighty said in the Holy Qur’an “And we have not sent any Messenger but with the language of his people”, in which the language of the nation is meant with all its attributes. Furthermore, it is called "Ilm-ul-Manasbat" which means to describe this sequence of God's utterances to clarify the meanings of Qur'anic words and their interpretation and also it helps to understand each sentence's interconnection and word link which are extensively explained. Scholars have long debated on how much it is permissible to express the importance and relevance of God's word due to which there are two kinds of opinions of scholars on this issue, one was in favor of stating this knowledge carefully, but the other was against it. A review of these two scholars' opinions, as well as the reality of their opinions, is presented in the following article. What are the points of contention? In light of these follower and challenger' positions, what is a reasonable and moderate opinion? 




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