Impact of Modernism on Islamic and Western Society

مغربی اور اسلامی تہزیب پر جدیدیت کے اثرات


  • Abdul Rauf Zafar



Modernism Developed as a terminology in the west . The Spirit of this terminology is rejection of religion as a source of social norms and reason became the final authority in every field of life . The impacts of this terminology in the European society are as under.

  1. Religion lost its control on the Individual and Collective life.
  2. Rule of Nationalism over every dimension of life.
  3. Ethical Values are neglected.
  4. Because of the economical exploitation poverty prevailed in society.

This horrible situation of society provided Islam a Cultural and religious Power in the western society. In this situation developing Islam is being considered a threat to the western society by the European Scholars. They tried to distort the Islam as a Code of life. For this purpose they Criticized the Quran, Rasool Allah ﷺ and teachings of the Holy Prophet  ﷺ .Out of the Europe they advised their political authorities to support their durnmies in the Muslim world so that they should fully Control . Muslim political and economical scenario. These efforts have much negative influence in Muslim society, Particularly on Muslim generation who has adopted European Ethical values.






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