Distinction Between Dealings And Friendship Concerning Unbelievers

الفرق بين الموالات والمعاملات بين الكفار

  • Muhammad Imran karachi university


Quran and Hadith have reference concentrating the world as the tywo type but the terminology of Darul Islam and Darul Harb is not there.
Darul Harb turns into Darul Islam ny the presence of such Islamic element as Friday Prayers and Eid Prayers. but how Darul Islam turns into Darul Harb there is diffrence of opinion among Ulema.
Mawalaat-e-Haqiqa(Real Dealing of Freindly Nature) are invalid with unbelievers whereas Mawalaat-e-Soria(Dealing in Form of Freindlynature) is valid only when required necessary.
Qital and Shiddah (Fight and Implementation by Force) is for all unbelievers and special with Muharibeen bil fayl.
FInancial aid and compression is valid only with zimmi and at the same time love and affection is invalid.
Dealing in matter is valid is concerning unbelievers but for crime and punishment
the Islamic Law Will be applied whereas for Domestic and Family matters but our Religion law will be applied.

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