Imam Abu Hanifa, His Academic Majlis-i- Shura, Its rules and regulations

امام ابوحنیفہ ؒ کی فقہی مجلس ِ شوری اور اس کے اصول و ضوابط

  • Dr. Hafiz M. Ismail Arfi
  • Muhammad Irfan NAzir


Imam Abu Hanifa is Tabiee(The one who saw Sahabi). All Hanfi and most of the non hanfi biograghy reporters confessed his tabieeat. Instead he is top ranked among all the tabiees due to excess of reward ( کثرت ثواب و اجر) . Imam Abu Hanifa, as well as, other imams presented their legislative (ijtihadi)work to Ummah in 2ndcentury A.H.But the popularity received by Imam Abu Hanifa’s work is awesome as his fiqh is followed by the majority of muslim ummah from that time till now. What are the causes and factors behind this immense popularity and people-following? Islamic Researchers expressed different causes which include Imam Abu Hanifa’s sincerety, His piety and fear of Allah, closeness of fiqh Hanfi to Quran and Sunnah, availability of very qualified students. But the main reason which was a very unique achievement that he laid the foundations of his fiqh on the basis of Shari'i opinions and liked Shurai opinion against personal opinionin comparison with other scholors. So, he founded Majlis e Shura where he discussed the issues in this assembly (Majlis e Shura) and then after listening the arguments of all member councils, he would make a decision.And then this decision was written in the documents and in this way, he has exploited and extracted the solution to thousands of issues.There were some rules and regulations of this council that according to which it fixed the meeting. A brief presentation of this assembly, and also some of the governing rules and regulations adopted in this Council (Majlis e Shura) are gathered in this article.

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