Historical steps of Muslims communication process


  • Dr. Muhammad Riaz




In this article the question is very important that, why modern means of Media be acceptable for today's Islamic State? If not then what can be reason for this? The two described points of this question are indeed gist of this whole discussion. Now we explain the reason of each point, the modern means of Mass Communication should e imposed in present Islamic states as if our researching tendencies have been dominated in this aspect, so in the background of our this opinion is the preliminary period, there was neither political- Islam nor practical shape of any state, but instead of this, the founder of Islam Hazrat Muhammad benefited from the sources pf Media that were in vogue in that Time which were not worthy of description. He (Hazrat Muhammad[P.B.U.H]) used to communicate in Markets, fares and various Public Mettings and also used to visit Khan-e-Kaba where the Promulgation of Islam could be in better way, even he (P.B.U.H) opted such places which were reserved for unscrupulous activities (i.e Ball & Contemptible Poetry). That period was void of writ of state and was full of various sources of Media, and took a=the shape of foundation of upcoming life of Islam. In latter days after the proper establishment of Islamic State where came forth bright chapter of Political Islam there become prominent the situation of being benefited from media. Though remained in touch with various means of media from its creation to till now. In this Article we will try to elaborate that how did Islamic State in her evolutionary process get benefit from Media.




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