Historical analysis the services of the Koprulu family to the Ottoman Empire

سلطنت عثمانیہ کے لئے کوپریلی خاندان کی خدمات کا تاریخی جائزہ

  • Faizan Ahmed
  • Farzana Jabeen


The koprulu era (1656- 1703) was a period in which the Ottoman Empire’s politics were frequently dominated by a series of grand viziers from the koprulu family. The koprulu era is sometimes more narrowly defined as the period from 1653- 1683, as it was during those years that members of the family held the office of grand vizier uninterruptedly, while for the remainder of the period they occupied it only sporadically. The koprulu household, the most powerful vizierial household in the seventieth century, this article sheds light on the efficiency of the koprulu households. Thanks to their long-lasting incumbency. The koprulu grand viziers managed to establish a large network stretching from the provinces to the central bureaucracy. The koprulu were generally skilled administrators, and are credited with reviving the empire’s fortunes after a period of military defeat and economic instability. Numerous reforms were instituted under their rule, which enabled the empire to resolve its budget crises and stamp out factional conflict in the empire.

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