The Political and Economic Impact of Islamic Studies on Human Society

انسانی معاشرت پر علومِ اسلامیہ کے سیاسی ومعاشی اثرات

  • Misbah Fatima
  • Muhammad Idress Lodhi


This essay presents the research analysis of political, social and economic impacts of Islamic teachings on human society. In the arena of Political life, Islam established the supremacy of Allah Almighty. Thus, political violence was abolished from society. It gave the concept of legal ownership instead of apparent ownership. Hence, people got rid of the economic exploitation. It introduced the revolutionary concepts of respect of humanity, freedom of humanity and quality among men and ,thus, uprooted all sort of violence and injustice from the society. It established Muslim Ummah at international level in order to function in accordance with the rules of justice, counselling and merit in the ages to come and ensured basic human rights to uphold justice till the doomsday. It drew distinction between Halal (Allowed) and Harram (Forbidden), it ensured the security to labour and just distribution of wealth. It abolished hunger, poverty, disease and injustice. This system was in practice in its true spirit in the era of Prophet (ﷺ)and the Righteous Caliphate. Till today, it is duty of all of us to implement it and it is implementable. Thus, all constructive, natural and virtuous Islamic Impacts like justice, kindness, health, prosperity and progress have been discussed in this essay in accordance with the principles of research.

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Fatima, M., & Lodhi, M. I. (2021). The Political and Economic Impact of Islamic Studies on Human Society. The Islamic Culture "As-Saqafat-Ul Islamia" الثقافة الإسلامية - Research Journal - Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Karachi, 44(2).