Uploading Content to YouTube & Shariah Status of its Earnings

  • Sheikh Adnan Ahmed Usmani


Acquisition of provision is one of the fundamental requirements of human beings. Since every living thing desperately needs something to suppress appetite in the lifecycle, and sustenance is not just the name of food and drink, but also having a house to live in and clothes to cover the body. Everyone wants to eat well and live in a good home. Islam allows man to fulfil his desires but a Muslim as a Muslim has limits, he cannot cross the limits. Every Muslim is allowed to fulfill his desires with in these limits. The biggest source of fulfillment of desires is money, which is why people forget what is lawful? And what is unlawful? When they come to make money.in this era there are so many ways to make money, one of these is earning money by YouTube channels. In this article I am going to discuss the Shariah status of making money by You Tube channels. And I will discuss the Islamic rules and regulation of making money by You Tube and since making money by You Tube is under the Google AdSense so I will discuss in this article the Shariah status of Google AdSense and its policy as well and in the end of this article I will discuss some fatwas of famous Islamic Universities.

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