Research Study on Media’s role regarding national security affairs

قومی سلامتی کے امور میں میڈیا کے کردار کا تحقیقی جائزہ


  • Muhammad Zahir Noor ul Basher ,Dr Asadullah Institute Usman Bin Affan Karachi



Keywords: Pakistani Media, Ideological Confusion, national Security, media Concept, Censorship, freedom of expression, fifth generation’s warfare, forth Pillar of state.


The discussion on media’s national concept & formation is newer than the world, there are many of things to be pointed, discussed and solved, and Media in Pakistan yet might not have resolved its ideological confusions, too many questions being Raised that what kind of role media must have on national interest? What should be the boundaries, jurisdiction and the red lines for media when country faces any confrontation? Media’s role as forth pillar of state also needed to get defined. This research study ‘Media’s national concept & formation’ bases on this factual debate, it describes the concept of national media in any kind of society, then it elaborates how media is functional in Pakistan relevant to sensitive national circumstances and discusses the priorities of media towards national biases. At the end, there are some conclusive recommendations given in the light of whole research process, showing that how the media functionally approaches to national causes and interests, it’s having the alternative media policy which may give better solution.





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,Dr Asadullah, M. Z. N. ul B. (2021). Research Study on Media’s role regarding national security affairs: قومی سلامتی کے امور میں میڈیا کے کردار کا تحقیقی جائزہ. The Islamic Culture "As-Saqafat-Ul Islamia" الثقافة الإسلامية - Research Journal - Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Karachi, 46(2).



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