Effect of Corona virus on Religious worship

کورونا وبا کے مذہبی عبادات پر اثرات


  • Dr. Syed Attaullah Bukhari , Humaira Khalil, Dr. Mufti Jahanzaib Rana




Islam has provided complete knowledge on maintenance of human’s health. Furthermore, it has guided us to abstain from all the harmful things which causes damage to human’s life. Among all the sicknesses, infectious diseases cause the most hazardous effect on mankind all around the world. In recent pandemic situation the world is observing a lockdown to ensure social distancing. Besides all the significant concerns there is a contradiction in performing religious rituals i.e. obligatory prayers, Nawāfil, Taraweeh or in congregational prayer (Salāt al-Jamā’ah).According to the situation Government and religious scholars take some initiatives to control the extent of infectious virus in accordance to the teachings of Islam and Sunnah of Holy Prophet SAW. The suspension of religious gatherings in present-day condition is according to the practices performed by religious scholars in history are discussed in the light of Islamic teachings. Firstly, as a Muslim it is important to seek Allah’s protection and being a responsible citizen, it is obligatory to act upon the precautions specified by the health specialists and strictly follow the rules indicated by Government.




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