The Khilafat Movement in Sindh

  • Tasneem Akhtar Chaudhary UoK


Towards the close of nineteenth century, Turkey begins attracting the attention of the Indian Muslims. The Muslims of India always had a strong feeling of identity with the world community of Islam. They were very much impressed by Jamal-u-Din Afghani's reminder that all Muslims of the world are brothers-in-faith. The sultan of Turkey had claimed to be the caliphs of the Muslim world. The Muslim of India did not much consider this claim as long as there was an independent. Muslim rule in India but now they had lost their independence, they began to recognize and respect the Sultan of Turkey as their caliph. Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey took this opportunity to propagate his importance as caliph of Muslim world in order to counteract European claims to extra territorial authority in the affairs of Christian minorities in his empire.
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