Evaluating the Legitimacy of Celebrating Mawlid-un-Nabi (PBUH)

  • Dr. Abbas Ali Qayyum karachi university
  • Dr. Faiza Qayyum


The legitimacy of Mawlid-un-Nabi is oftened questioned,since Mawlid is not expressly mentioned in the Quran or Hadiths.The aims of the article is to evaluate ligitimacy of celebrating the bith of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H).

We have evaluated the legitimacy of celebrating Mawlid-un- Nabi based on reference from the Quran. Sahih Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim by first looking at the basic principle of islamic jurisprudence(fiqh). Secondly the article evaluates the meaning of Prophet(P.B.U.H).birth according to islam. Finally this article discusses the birth and value of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Based on the concept of celebration in general and the value of celebration of islam.

The birth of Prophet(P.B.U.H) are specific mentioned as special days in the Quran(Maryam 19:15, Maryam 19:33) and the birthday of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H). is thereby also a special day(dalalah-al-nass). Special days are encouraged by Allah almighty to be celebrated(mutlaq command)(Yonus 10:58, As-Duha 93:11). The Prophet MuhammadP.B.U.H) imself celebrated his birthday(Sahih Muslim. book 6, chapter 33, Hadith number 2603) and the Companions (Allah be placed with them) Of the Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) used to gather in remembrnace of Allah almighty and tell story about yhe life

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