A Short History Of Suicide Bombing

غیر مسلم خودکش حملہ آوروں کی تاریخ

  • Dr. Umair Mehmood Siddiqui karachi university


A suicide attack is an attack , in which the attacker determine in kill the enemy growing that he or she will certainly assassinated or die in the result of attack. According the scholar's of the subject,
Demonstrative terrorism is a political theater at gaining publication member to gain attention like airline hijacking.Destructive Terrorism is more dangerous.Destructive terrorist seek to the energy with threat of injury or Death, For instance, America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and kill million of Muslim including women and children.
suicide terrorist is the most aggressive. adopted as the last resort by the attack are observed when the oppressors abuse the power and make efforts to suicide attack by Tamil Tiger against Indian peace keeping force in Srilanka.

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