Islamic Social Properties in the light of Tafseer al Manar

تفسیر المنار کی روشنی میں اسلامی عمرانیات کی خصوصیات

  • Hafiz Muhammad Aslam karachi university
  • Dr. Zia ur Ahmed Rehman


While studying these social properties of Islam in the light of Tafseer at Manar. it becomes devious that the basic purpose of the creation of human being is to seek their creator's wish which can not be acquired without his fearing and obedience to him.After paying Allah's Rights, taking care of human rights play a vital role in the reforms of actual achievement of human being lies in the purity of character. Only a brimful of God fearing person can possess this kind of disposition who is neither hope of divine Mercy,instead. he takes the abundance of wealth and worldly things the divine beauty, thanks for these things to Allah and spent in His way. And on deprivation from the above mentioned Divine bounty. instead of reproaching. he is satisfied and contended talking his condition as his Allah's wish. Sayd Rasheed Raza has discussed this topic argumentatively in Tafseer ul Manar That if we look into the teachings of Quran o can be analyzed easily that Islam wants to build a society where individual should contain the passion of mutual love forgiveness.

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