The sense and Limitations of Faith and Jurisprudence : A Research Analysis

دین وشریعت کا مفہوم، دائرہ کار (ایک تحقیقی وتقابلی جائزہ)

  • Kulsoom Bibi karachi university
  • Dr. Shams Ahmed Abrar


Allah has sent human being in this world with the designation of caliph. That's why the main purpose of human being is to act upon Allah's orders. Allah says in Quran : I ordered ghost (jin) and human for the worship only . in order to accomplish this goal Allah sent various messengers and prophets who provide guidance to human and deliver Allah's Laws and orders. They also thought human being the pathology and un-pathology of God.
The first part of the prophecy was the first world's man Hazrat Adam(A.S). He guides their children on Allah's command according. Even the chain of prophet hood ended on Muhammad (P.B.U.H) with the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. Quran strongly emphasis and older human that their is only one religion for all mankind. That's why Quran don't emphasis on the believers by various prophets of God.
Actually mean of Deen and shariah both mean law form by Allah.Defense is that in Deen. it shows no alternation in religion in various area. Like shariah include the properties of Deen in which way of life could be modified according to the circumstance.This modification could be change only by Allah. or the person to whom it is given the right(Prophet or Messenger).
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