The Impact of Riwayat e Shamail e Rasool PBUH in Arabic Poetry

روایاتِ شمائلِ رسول کے شاعری پر معنوی اثرات

  • Dr Imrana Shehzadi karachi university


The arabic word Shumail is the plural form of shimal, a word that act as a root for words of many different meanings, some which are even antonomous some of these meanings are temper nature character.mood and action, behavior and atitude. plural form of the words that are used in the form of shumail.
Islamic scholars have used the term in a more narrow sense then its board lexical meaning deriving a term that means the life story of a person,that is their biography. over time the word has become more specified and it has become a term meaning "the human aspect, the life style and personal life of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H).
Shamail become a separate science at the end of second half of 3rd century after the hijruht AH). (9th century AD). it is the known the word shamail was first used and systematized by Islamic scholar Tirmizi. No Hadith, scholar or historian before him or any of his contemporaries used this term. Tirmizi's contribution to the field of Shumail have been contributed by latter Islamic scholars.

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