"Dacoity" An Analytical Comparative Study Of Arthashastra And Islamic Jurisprudence

‘ڈکیتی ’ ارتھ شاستر اور فقہ اسلامی کی روشنی میں ایک تحقیقی وتقابلی جائزہ

  • Dr.Abdul Qudoos karachi university
  • Dr. Muhammad Naeem


Establishment of a State is the basic important institution for a mankind for their social culture and civilization life. it is obligatory on any state to provide the basic necessities of life including to protect of life and property on an important task in response of that the citizens of the State pays their taxes. It is the duty of the State to end and eradicate the all element of banditry , dacoits, thieves and robbers in case the life and property is at risk. The conditions of the society are not the result of the actions of the political leadership. but also Intellectual religious leadership of siding draughty the good of society.
Each and every society has their own rules of law people are pass their life according to prescribed law. The daily affairs are conducted by the same principles. if their is no rule of law in society than injustice take place and criminals strain becomes common. Mounting over come the effect of crime on youth. This is largely due to illiteracy rate is not adhering to the principles of our Islamic way of life and very little training. it is believe through Islamic Practice can save the lives. In this paper, it has been discussed the basic terminologies used for the dacoity. components impact on society and state and legal punishment for the said crime in the light of Arthashastra and Islamic Jurisprudence.

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