Islamic Ideology of Hygiene


  • Dr Abdul Hai Madni



Islamic Ideology of Hygiene


Hygiene (cleanliness) is an important aspect of human life which is dealt
with nicely both by the Quran and the Sunnah. This, in Islam is a major essential
condition for hygiene for all act of worship.
It urges hygiene on the personal and social level of fight against environment
pollut ion. The Quran and sunned guide humanity to make their live sound and
healthy whether spiritually or morally or psychologically or physically. They do care
tremendously about man's Hygiene and its physical well being. Keeping good health
depends on proper food, drink, clothing, housing, good ventilation, manners of
sleeping and waking up in the morning etc. Cleaning of private parts of body with
water, if available and if not with stones.
ALLAii loves those who clean their private parts of body. Taking a bath on
Friday is obligatory on every mature Muslim. Islam suggests every Muslim to use
sivak for cleaning of mouth and it pleases to God.
It also commands Nluslim to pluck the armpit hairs and timing of nails
footing in the mustaches. It forbids urinating in stagnant water or in the bath as it invites infection. It encourages early to bed and early to rise. It clearly prohibits the
use of alcoholic drinks and drugs as well as extravagance or slanginess. It pem1its
the use of medicine for treatment. Islam builds the generation on the strong healthy
footing in order victory over evils and prosperity of Islamic society.




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