A research work and analytical study of the Quranic subjects discussed in Sahih Al Bukhari

الجامع الصحیح میں مباحث علوم قرآنیہ تحقیقی وتجزیاتی مطالعہ

  • Dr. Abdul Ghaffar karachi university


Discussion on Quranic Research and Analytical Study in Al-Jamia Sahi. In Sahi
Bukhari, Mubahase Aloom Qurani are present, however to find them out, a
painstaking effort is required but description of Imam Bukhari,where faqhi
secrets are hidden in translation of chapters, there discussion also is found either
directly or indirectly which can provide useful information and give a novel form
to Aloom Qurani. The novelty in tafseer and Asool Tafseer and the opinion of
Hadith interpreters can be recognized from the study of Amada tul Qari and
Fateh ul Bari and above all from Sahi Bukhari. As a model, quranic discussion of
Surah Fateha derived from only Kitab ul Tafseer is taken as zikr, which elucidates
the fact that with the help of profound study and investigative way of thinking,
many new discussions can be determined from Sahi Bukhari so that the point of
views of Mufasareen, Ahl-e- Tafseer and as well as opinion of Hadith interpreters
may be understood. Hence Sahi bukhari comprises of reliable and valid
traditions, therefore, derived information and discussions are beyond controversy
because Imam Bukhari cites reliable quotation from some Sahabi while arguing
at some issue.
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