A Review of Quranic Impact On Masnavi Moulana Roum

مثنوی مولانا روم ؒ پر قرآنی اثرات کا جائزہ

  • Dr. Ubaid Ahmed Khan
  • Ms Mehreena
  • Dr. Safia Aftab


Turkistan and Khurasan always remain enriched in producing Mufassir, Muhaddis,Historians and Military Generals who were born to refine and shine this world. Thisis the system of Allah when there is imperialism getting hold of the world, Allahalways sends His Aulia to rectify people and set them to right path. They treateveryone alike and remain busy in enlightening the world with the commandmentsof Allah via practicing Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Muhammad Jalal-ud-din, MaulanaRoum holdsgreat significance and stature in the history of Turkistan. His Masnavi is matchlesshaving no comparison. His Masnavi is greatly influenced by Holy Quran. Hepropagated Islam via his Masnavi and rectified people. Quran is the divine book ofAllah which is apparent and esoteric. Esoteric is also called actual Quran. Whenpurification of heart and soul is acquired, Allah bestows spiritual knowledge (Ilm eLudni) on his chosen friends with love and affection. MaulanaRoum was one ofthose lucky persons to have possessed this knowledge. He explained mystery andmeaning of Quran via Masnavi with his divine knowledge. Therefore, savants andsaints of Islam deem Masnavi as Persian version of Quran.

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