Anti Arrogance in Holy Quran

  • Dr. Imrana Shehzadi


“According to the teachings of Holy Quran everyone is nothing; everybody is from dirt and will return to dirt. All Almighty is custodian of all the basic needs of mankind for sustaining his life. Arrogance is a state in which one feels that he has special place. Addiction of this habit makes him unable to accept reality about him. This situation is taken him from him and he left to only use imagination which is disliked by Allah Almighty clearly. Arrogance are warned by Allah Almighty several punishments in this world and hereafter because Arrogance is a reason behind him many sins that man commits all these are mentioned in Holy Quran several times having different shades of meanings, this condition shown by the people in their words, actions and life style. This article will shed light the causes and abuses of this curse and declared the cure of this habit in the light of Holy Quran verses.”

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