Influence of Arabic Language on Seraiki Language, Poetry of Khawja Ghulam Fareed As An Example

  • Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
  • Muhammad Abida Mehmood


There is no doubt that Arabic language is an ancient language of the world, that’s why this language has word diversity. Due to its ancient word history, Arabic language influenced different languages of the world, are the notable ones are Persian, Urdu, Sindhi and Seraiki, In the given article the influence of Arabic language is shown on Seraiki language. The reasons are discussed in the beginning of that particular column. That’s why Seraiki language has some influence from Arabic language. The two nations share some common features such as the geographical similarity, national and social ways. In Seraiki regions with the spread of Islam and Arabic language, the influence of Arabic language is still visible in the poetry of Seraiki that is being presented I n the light of Great Seraiki Poet Khawja Ghulam Fareed (R.A). Now we consider those ways in which Arabic language has influenced the language of Seraiki. The author has concluded that Arabic and Seraiki languages are far much similar. Whatever the words are the contradictory statements or else idiomatic expressions or pithy sayings. Whatever it is Arabic transcript or else related to Quran and Hadees. Arabic and Seraiki people share some similarity and the result of this connection they admire to learn Arabic language. Because of this reason Seraiki and Arabic literatures have deep impact on each other. And the slightest glimpse has been shown in the given article.

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