Effects of Surroundings on Human Morals: A Critical Analysis

انسانی اخلاقیات پر ماحول کے اثرات، ایک تحقیقی وتنقیدی جائزہ

  • Khadija Akbar Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Nawaz


Almighty Allah indeed awarded the great honoured to the man and created him with the quality of great obedienc which is demanded by the teachings of islam that with the passage of time it would be better by the grace of Allah. But this is the fact that bieng having the same natural humble attitudes some of the people show their attitudes with bad manner but some of them show their attitudes with the good manner. It is raised a question that what are the reasons that having the birth of same natural obediences every person shows different behaviour with every other person? After all what are the factors and who are the responsible to creating the individual difference among the human attitudes? The research work will serve as a guide to the parent, teaching community and every person in understanding the role of environment in the training of good attitudes among the human bieng and to identify the problems related to training of good attitudes, to make those problems understandable and also projecting their solutions in the light of the teachings of the Islam. This research work will describe the introduction and importance of good attitudes, role of environmental factors and different characters of environment which play a key role in the training of attituted and behaviour among the human bieng and it is also being presented the suggestion and recommendations for the better training of good attitudes.

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