The general acceptance and Spiritual Inspiration of Sultan e Bahu's poetry


  • Dr. Naeem Anwar Noumani



The land of Punjab is considered very productive with regard to genius. It has produced many famous personalities. They have proved their worth almost n all walks of life. There are also great names in the field of intuitions and spirituality. The bearers of this knowledge were an embodiment of selflessness, loyalty, contentment and truth. Besides, it seems that they survived in every age. The works and sentences produced by them seem to be written even for this present age. In other words their writings seem to be universal. Their teachings have guided people in every age. Their work enlivens the life of a reader. Their work inspires both mind and soul simultaneously and embellishes human character and personality. It also rectifies human action. Besides, it gives sublimity and magnanimity to human personality.There are, in fact, the sentiments that a reader feels especially going through the verses of Hazrat Sutlan Bahoo. A reader meditates over his verses and he constantly enjoys their depth. Then, abruptly he says, THE VERSES OF THE KINGS IS THE KING OF THE VERSUS,
The above verse is clearly a reflection of the poetry by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. In this article his selected verse which is popular across the board is presented.




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