A Difference between Scope of Ummah and Nation comparative research overview

‘امت’ و‘قوم’ کا مفہوم ودائرہ کار ایک تحقیقی وتقابلی جائزہ

  • Dr. Muhammad Imran


"Ummat-O-Qaum" are synonyms. Both means 'group' or 'class'. Literally, the word qaum means the group or class of these people who has the similarity in cast, Language and time.And the meaning of 'Umat' is class which is based on one belief. The word 'Umat' especially, is used for the Muslim's religiousness. It means all the Muslims of the world are just like one class. Literally the word 'Qaum means such a group of people which come into being after passing long time progressive step. In its progressive process, there is a big part of Psychology, language, religion, cast, Economical and social similarity.If a group of people has few of them qualities, we can call that group a Qaum. Inspite of the similarity in all the above mentioned values, there must be similarity of time in a qaum. It means the people of one time would be called one Qaum but the word 'Umat' is free from this restriction also. Any person can be the Muslim Umat any time after after accepting the Kalma Toheed but cannot be the member of a Qaum and get out of this atonce, for this he has to pass through the long progressive process.

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