Intellectual bases in the Ignorant Society and alterations made by sociological conduct of Prophet S.A.W

جاہلی معاشرہ کی فکری اساس اور اُسوۂ عمرانی کے بنیادی تصرفات

  • Dr. Muhammad Arif Saqi


Islam as known as religion of peace, protection and prosperity. This religion of brought by Hazrat Muhammad (PBAUH) about 1400 years ago.The primary source and basic book of this religion is the Holy Quraan. In the Holy Quraan this religion was named by Allah as Islam."(19/3) And it is due to its nature of peace and protection of the human lives as well as their assets and their honors.
This is not a simple saying but based on some real facts. As we see that the word "ISLAM" is derived from "SALAMAT" and this word means in Arabic Language; "being protected from all kinds of life threatening things."
The Second most important word in Islam "EEMAAN". In the holy Quraan it is used for having absolute faith and international real practice on the religion of Islam.The word "EEMAAN" is derived form "AMAN" and it calls in English: "Peace and Prosperity".
Even before Islam, in the age of arrogance, it is noted that there was a tradition in Arabs that whenever any of their enemies surrenders and hands over himself to them, they give him "AMAAN"(Protection of all kinds). After giving "AMAAN" they were legally and ethically bound and responsible to save him from all kinds of life threatening things. It calls an Arabic "AMAAN".
In this situation the derivation of the word "EEMAAN" from "AMAN"(Peace of prosperity) and "AMAAN"(Protection of all kinds) is meaningful for the world of intellectuals. The name of the religion of "ISLAM" and the faith on any kind of brutality and sabotage of human assets and lives.There are so many proves which indicate the nature of Islam as a religion of peace, protection and prosperity. In the sense of human society and civilization, the basic teaching of Islam is the human equality and rule of law.
In Arabian peninsula, in the age of arrogance, there was a very strong tribal system and was fully in force. Under the mindset they named their society as: During this study its found that both of the terms are giving the sense of powersharing and having a power of resistance and force to make sure that their lives, hounors and assets are protected saved and secure.
It means that they believed that every one who has a power, has a right to make the rules and regulations of his own and put them into force.It was an environment of law of jungle where only the power rules and it was full of ruthless.
Islam brought a good change and gave them the sense of dignity and honor of the humanity. Under the MITHAQ-UL-MADINA.It was declared that there will be indiscriminate rule of law and justice for all the communities.And that the state shell manage the collective resistance against injustice tyranny and mischief.

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