The Role of Upbringing a Teenager: To eliminate Crime from Society

دور تربية المراهق للقضاء على الفساد الأمني

  • Dr. Raheela Khalid Qureshi
  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed Ali


Allah has created human beings for his worship, and provided them the holy books for the guidance. Parents have been responsible fin- their children's good character building since their childhood. In this regard, the better character building is the most difficult stage during children's teen age, especially in the present age of science and technology. If the parents do not perform their duty in a correct way, the youngsters will adopt the wrong ways of lift and in this way they will add more disturbance in society. My topic is related to the youngster's character building in an Islamic way. They should lead their lives according to the teaching of Islam. So that a peaceful Muslim society must he built. It will be good for the betterment of the whole human mankind.

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