Religious and National Services of Allama Abdul Majid Badayuni


  • Mazhar Hussain Bhadroo PhD Scholar GCUL



Majlis-e-Khudaam Kaba, Khilafat Committee, Jamiat-ul-Ulamaa, Tehreek-e-Tabligh, Tehreek-e-Tanzeem, Muslim Conference, Ali Brother’s


Allama Abdul Majid Badayuni (1884-1931) is a great scholar, speaker, and Politician. You participated heavily in religious, national, domestic and political activities. The most important and notable among them are the Majlis-e-Khudaam Kaba (1912), Khilafat committee (1919), Jamiat-ul-Ulamaa (1919), The Movement of Abandon Property (1920), Tehreek-e-Tabligh (1922), Tehreek-e-Tanzeem (1924) and Muslim Conference (1929).You were the right hand to the Ali Brother’s and had an important role in the politics of the subcontinent. You devoted all your abilities to your nation and religion. National and revolutionary life and religious and national struggle of Allama Abdul Majid Badayuni can be ascertained from several designations he held from time to time. In order to understand his leadership abilities and services, the outline of his designations is given below.

  • Superintendent of Madrassah Shams-ul-Uloom Badayun
  • Editor of monthly Shams-ul-Uloom Badayun
  • Administrator Jamiat-ul-Ulamaa Hind United Province
  • Member of Central Khilafat Committee
  • President of Khilafat committee United Province
  • President of Khilafat Research Commission
  • Member of Khilafat for Hijaz delegation
  • Member of Majlis-e-Aamla Muslim Conference
  • Member of Majlis-e-Khudaam Kaba
  • Member of Indian National Congress
  • Member of Jammiat Tabligh Al-Islam Aagra and Awadh Province
  • Founding member of Tehreek-e-Tanzeem
  • Founding member of Jamait Ulema-e-Hind Kaanpur
  • Founder and superintendent of Matbah Qaadri Badayun
  • Founder and patron of Usmani Press Badayun
  • Founder of Daar-ul-Tasneef Badayun

Your religious and national services are significant to date.




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