The Evolution of Muslim schools in the light of history

مسلم درسگاہوں کا ارتقاء، تاریخ کی روشنی میں


  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ibrarullah University of Turbat
  • Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman
  • Dr. Muhammad Hamza


Muslim Schools, Theology, learning, Islamic Concept


The process of learning and teaching in Muslim schools is related to the Quran and the hadiths. As precious as the life of a religious student is, he does not appreciate it. This is the age at which he gradually learns. Growing up, every moment of their intellectual journey is invaluable, learning their knowledge is like collecting pearls. Muslim Schools are the only places where hearts are reformed and where humanity is taught. Proves to be alive. Adults want it, even small children want me to know about different things. To spread the teachings of the Prophet, there is a network of Arabic Schools in all corners of the world today, where scholars and narrators continue to equip students with the knowledge of the Qur'an and Hadith. The students of these schools also specialize in trade with theology, so that they can be used in daily life. In these schools, students of religious studies are given free education and all their attention is focused on acquiring knowledge.




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