Research Analysis On Psychological Behavior of Male and Female in Islam


  • Dr. Bibi Alia IIU
  • Dr. Uzma Khan
  • Dr. Abdur Rahman Khan


Despite the considerable modifications in the life style of last decade, the need to discuss the psychology of man and woman and its implications on society is persistent.  Over the past decades, industrialization of world shifted the major trends of a family structure. Like, postponed marriages, late childbearing and declining fertility rates, less than the level required for the replacement of population. This transformation of trends has resulted in complex family composition, and consequently patterns of gender roles are changed. Especially escalated responsibilities of woman as economic supporter of family and restructured of man’s role, including involvement of man in family responsibilities like look after of children.  Family has attained the status of dynamic entity and set of well-defined roles cannot be described now. Daily roles are negotiable on daily basis by the interaction between both partners. Both men and women are engaged in earning and house hold activities that influences work and family lives and consequently expansion of employment instability. Moreover, children well-being is also drastically disturbed as women being a mother can look after/take care of kids in good manners as compared to men. Aging draws our attention to the role of family responsibilities in adult life, however, should not be overlooked that the foundations of successful growth are formed early in life and that family background (e.g. parental socioeconomic status) is an important factor.




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