The Importance of Moral Philosophy Propounded by Burhān Ahmad Fārūqī


  • Dr Muhammad Waris Ali Assistant Prof, Department of Islamic studies, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore
  • Muhammad Riaz


Burhan Ahmad Farooqi, morality


Islam is exclusively the religion of the world that has provided man with a complete code of life in the form of the holy Qur’an and being a revelation from Allah; the creator of man, human nature from all angles is accommodated in the holy Quran. As morality is one of the most dominant characteristics of human life and is addressed and given importance just like the respect is bestowed upon man himself. This article ponders upon the fact that the holy Quran is enough to lead to the right path of morality and the most sagacious and perspicacious Quranic methodology is there to solve the problems evolved in human behavior. Dr. Farooqi urged the Muslims to follow the Quranic injunctions instead of Greek Philosophy, and further he declared that consulting the Greeks is to show no confidence in Qur’an and its methodology and this is not a service but an animosity to Qur’an and Islam. The study also presented analytically the actuality and originality of the morality of Islam that it is based on Quranic enjoinments and not on the Greek philosophy. To Dr. Farooqi morality is not merely an imaginative phenomenon, but possesses a practical epitome and a practicable paradigm in the form of the exalted and dignified life of the Prophet; a pragmatical and executable presentation of the holy Quran. To prove the preponderance of Dr. Farooqi’s moral philosophy over all the ethical approaches from Greeks to this day, the subject oriented research methodology is employed qualitatively.




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